HD Signatures Database

Version - 1.0.4 (August, 2018)

Welcome to HDSigDB

Gene set enrichment analysis has become an integral part of the standard Bioinformatics workflow for the purpose of providing functional context to a list of genes. There are a number of tools available that perform gene set enrichment analysis, such as GSEA, developed at the Broad Institute, and Enrichr, developed at the Icahn School of Medicine.

To provide rich functional context for HD-related gene set enrichment analysis, we have developed an HD-relevant gene set library called HDSigDB. The core of HDSigDB was derived from the curation and analysis of HD and triplet-repeat expansion disease studies deposited in GEO/Array Express. Additional sources of gene sets include: PRIDE, selected PubMed articles and DNA Damage Response pathways.

HDSigDB currently contains ~1,600 gene sets derived from human, mouse, rat, fly and yeast studies and is available as both Human and Mouse species-specific libraries. Provenance is maintained for each gene set, enabling investigators access to the underlying experimental data and/or publication. Gene sets themselves are distributed as GSEA-compliant GMT files, and can be utilized as is within the Broad's GSEA application.



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